Mary Flora Bell


“He called me a murderer and I grabbed his hair and smashed his face into his dinner.” (Scott)



The day before Mary Bell’s 11th birthday, she strangled four year old Martin Brown in May 1968. A little while after vandalizing a nursery, Mary Bell and her friend Norma lured Brian Howe to a place by a nearby pub where they strangled him. The real story still isn’t known since Norma and Mary tell different tales. However, police do know that Brian was strangled, hit on the head, and that the girls carved an “M” on his stomach with a pair of scissors.

There were many warning signs. The first was probably the nursery. The girls vandalized the nursery and the police just blew it off as a prank. In the video below, they talk about how Mary was always very violent as a child and how her mother was a prostitute and prostituted her out as a child as well. Mary faced a lot of problems as a child. When she was at school, she’d scream “I’m a murderer!” and the teachers wouldn’t pay any mind to it. She even admitted to other children that she killed Martin Brown, but other children didn’t believe her because she was such a show off. Children at school were frightened of Mary and didn’t want to get in the way of her. Mary even drew a picture in class of a child in the same pose that Martin was found and next to the picture were words about a boy dying. All of these events went ignored and if Mary Bell had been paid a little more attention, these murders could have been prevented.



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