Organized Crime


By: Megan Ortiz

The Organized crime portion of this website is designed to trace the history of psychological theories and important individuals involved in the research of the topic. It will trace these theories and individuals from the beginning of research all the way to the popular theories of today.

What is Organized Crime?

The existence of organized crime can be traced back as early as the 1830s with reports of prostitution and gambling in Chicago all the way to today. Today the FBI defines organized crime as “any group having some manner of a formalized structure and whose primary objective is to obtain money through illegal activities. Such groups maintain their position through the use of actual or threatened violence, corrupt public officials, graft, or extortion, and generally have a significant impact on the people in their locales, region, or the country as a whole.”

Why is research important?

Psychological research on organized crime is important so that we may become educated on the problems and issues surrounding this type of criminal activity and so that we may better prevent such criminal organizations from existing.


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