When Women Kill

Throughout history men have committed the vast majority of homicides.  Society does not typically view women as violent offenders, and generally provides an excuse for their behavior.  Crimes are attributed to their hormonal issues or the manipulation of a man.  When hearing a story about a woman who murders, society views her with sympathy rather than having feelings of fear.  With continuing research on the motives behind women who kill, perhaps society will be more informed resulting in a change of attitude.  Although women do not commit the majority of murders, there are many gender differences in how these crimes are played out.

The media plays an important role in spreading the word of forensic psychology.  Television and new reports are filled with current stories of women who murder.  Throughout 2011, news stations and magazine tabloids were in constant coverage of the Casey Anthony trial.  Casey Anthony was accused and later found not guilty of the murder of her young daughter.  The Lifetime, TLC, and Oxygen network on cable television are all channels that feature documentaries regarding homicides committed by women.   Its as if this topic has become some type of obsession among American society.  News reporters are in constant coverage of missing children cases where the prime suspect is the mother.  Perhaps the rate of homicide by women is increasing, or society is just becoming more informed.


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