Female Serial Killers

Through out history, the study of continuous homicides have helped to develop the definition of what is now known as serial murder.  This is when an offender kills at least three or four people over time.  There is a “cooling off” period where the offender does not participate in any killings for several months of years.  These murders are premeditated and planned out and there is usually a pattern among the victims that are selected.  These offenders usually start off with a minor criminal record, but do not typically have any history of violent crime.

Two researchers named Holmes and DeBurger (1988) formulated a categorization system for serial killers.  This system is based upon the offenders motives and victimology.  Females are most likely found under the Hedonistic Comfort Oriented category.  For these women, their main objective is to enjoy life.  They do not come across as sadistic or aggressive.  They are known to kill quietly and many kill people that they are affiliated with.  The overall purpose behind these killings is to increase their creature comfort.  This categorization of women as a specific type of serial killer has significantly improved the FBI’s ability to profile suspects.

Below is an interview between a news reporter and a female serial killer, Aileen Wornos.

Famous Female Serial Killer Timeline

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